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Michael O'Brien
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Re: How much training per week?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Hi Michael: Still, it's not just about doing the hours, is it? It's the hours of correct practice. The hours of correctly shifting someone's movements to "moving from the center", etc., and convincing the mind that this is what you want to do..... Me, too, when my wife's not too tired from pulling the plow all day. And when she doesn't whimper from the bokken strikes... I hate that noise!!! ;^)
I agree that just showing up at the dojo doesn't accomplish anything per say; 2 hours of quality training will beat 8 hours of just showing up anytime.

I like the idea of 7-10 hours of quality dojo training though.

I've also found if you invest in a good gag you can almost completely stifle the whimpers from the bokken strikes.

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