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Mike Sigman
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Re: How much training per week?

Michael O'Brien wrote:
When I worked days and had my nights free I trained a minimum of 5 hours every week in the dojo and often times as many as 7-9 hours in the dojo.
Hi Michael: Still, it's not just about doing the hours, is it? It's the hours of correct practice. The hours of correctly shifting someone's movements to "moving from the center", etc., and convincing the mind that this is what you want to do.....
I also do practice at home with weapons and my wife is gracious enough to allow me to use her to practice basic technique on as well.
Me, too, when my wife's not too tired from pulling the plow all day. And when she doesn't whimper from the bokken strikes... I hate that noise!!! ;^)

Nah.... I'm surprised my wife is as tolerant and helpful as she is. But still, the hours to re-train the body, not to mention train up... it's tricky. That's why when I see some "teacher" who teaches 6 different arts and claims to be an expert in all of them, I just shudder.


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