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Re: How much training per week?

George S. Ledyard wrote:
In my experience, most adults need a minimum of three times per week to make staedy progress. All of the Godan and Rokudan level teacehrs I know spent a substantial period, ay some point in their development, in which they trained six or seven days a week.

It all depends on how good you want to be. I tell the young students to train their brains out while they still have the opportunity as it only gets harder to keep the commitment as they get older with the demands of jobs and family.
The more I go on, the less I think of becoming good as an important goal. That is, unless you are instructing others (and if you ask me, too many people in Aikido are interested in instructing others), than how good you are isn't really all that important. More important is whether or not your training informs and enriches your life, and that is just as likely to happen when going to two classes a week as it is going to seven. In these terms, less important than frequency, IMO, is consistency over the long term - and consistent training over a lifetime is probably harder to acheive than intense training over a period of a year or two.



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