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Re: Aikido is only as good as the person...

I think aikido is exciting and new when you start. When you don't see any new techniques and are refining your blending and trying to tie the threads of your understanding of the principles of aikido I think it is more reflective. I probably have less commitment than I used to have. When I started aikido I was sprinting, now I realise that it's going to take me my whole life, so I tend to run at a pace more suitable for the distance. My interest hasn't wained, but it's more a part of me, rather than something I am trying to persue. I'm also more reflective and analytical; being more thoughtful about the bigger picture as regards what I'm doing with my training.

Sometimes people go through a plateau towards their dan grade as well, as they realise their learning needs to take on a different form, and it is often much slower and requires much more time of just routine technique practise. For example I've probably done ikkyo aound 50,000 times (sounds alot when I guestimate it!) but I haven't completely 'got' it. Indeed I've recently changed the way I do it quite a bit.

However, I'd certainly agree that aikido is only as good as the person who's training. In fact I'd say that your self-defence is only as good as what you do at that very moment - it's very easy to loose your reaction speed and appreciation of what a really frightening attack is like.

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