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Re: What's the Irish situation?

I suppose politics can be compared to having a shower with your mates after aikido - there aren't any problems between most people but you always get a few yobs running around with a towel whipping peoples arses because they feel they aren't getting enough attention. I'd say in general, Ireland (inc. Northern) is a much less violent society than England anyway, but I don't live in Belfast. I suppose young men pretty much everywhere have the same amount of testosterone - just depends on whether you give 'em guns or knives and also what justification for fighting they are given.

Excuse the completely misplaced metaphore. Anyway, Yes Nick - I did train under Shane (my 1st instructor). He's popped over here a couple of times but I keep missing him. I used to go up to your neck of the woods myself for courses and trained with a few of them up there.. the good old days eh?

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