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Re: Maai concerns

Hi Bryan,
I've been out of the UK for 28 years now and that was my first thought too! If a real fighter is in your face the next thing is a head butt and if they know how, it's good night bunny rabbit. I have the feeling that not so many people have been in street fights. They are short and fast and messy. Arms length is minimum distance (still a problem against a kicker, but kicks usually have more body mass warning) Don't believe that if a guy gets close and "woofs" in your face, thats all he'll do, either consciously or instinctively he's finding out your response platforms. As far as I'm concerned if someone enters my space (area just beyond arms reach) making hostile or aggressive noises they are threatening me. That means my awareness has already failed me and now I need an appropriate strategy. To me the essense of Aikido in such a situation is irimi, verbal when applicable, or more physical. 2 cm? HELP!!!!

If your temper rises withdraw your hand, if your hand rises withdraw your temper.
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