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Roman Kremianski wrote:

There's allot talking involved, and most of the time, the aggressor stands 2cm away from your face. Very comfy.


I am no where near the level of training to see an attack coming from that close up.

What kind of attack that a guy can give you if he's 2cm away? Isn't it more a hug and kiss distance than fighting distance?

I think if a guy stand to your face 2cm away and do lots of talking, he try to intimidate you out of a fight. Usually the guy is taller and stronger than you phyiscally. He already sizes you up and thinks he can beat you in a fight. Maybe it's time for you to back off and go.

I'm out of my element to give you any advice about fighting in the street. I'll quote a few things from a few books. I don't know if they're effective or not since I haven't tried them. I attempted to try it in a frirendly manner is a few local bar. But they got scared away. Maybe they saw the confidence in my manner when I try to make trouble with them. Or maybe the potential "victim" were way too small comparing to my size

Don't stand feef parallel. It may make you look taller, but it's not a stable stance. One foot front and one foot back is much better for action.

Don'g lean backward. Lean forward. Actually the common tendency is lean backward to avoid hit to the face. Thinking and leaning forward put you in a straight position.

hands in front, not on the side. put them together and infront of your private. It looks natrual and will calm your nerve. And it help you to move your whole body instead of your hands when action starts.

Do less talking. Since you only have one brain. Talking distract your from observation of your opponent. Talkin less may also reduce the tension. A fight may not happen if you talk less.

The common attack are

1. push you bakc with his both hands (this has been covered by other threads),

2. step back to puch you, you should step in do one of the following, open hand palm to his face, under cut to his chin with your fist or elbow, fist to his ribcage, knee to his fork, grab and squeez his nuts.

3. bear hug you (this has been covered by other threads).

Last word.

A few month ago, two 19 years old students were gunned down outside a Ottawa club. The reason? one of them knocked too hard on a washroom door when a ganster was taking a dump too long. A few words exchanged when the ganster came out. The ganster went back to his car and hold a gun outside and waited.
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