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Re: The Nage/Uke Dynamic - Guidelines

David Valadez wrote:
"General Guidelines For Being Nage"

- Nage must always account, in terms of intensity and applied energy, for the following qualities when determining how to throw, pin, or strike, etc., Uke: Uke's skill level, Uke's age, Uke's size, Uke's physical durability, Uke's current state of health and wellness; and the dojo's official position concerning the Senpai/Kohai model as it is relative to the Nage/Uke dynamic (see below). All things being equal, safety is the primary determining element for the Nage/Uke dynamic. Martial "reality," as (mis)perceived by any one member is NOT a determining element to be considered.
I like this bit Lots of people seem to think it doesn't apply to them though As senpai I've had a a few comments of "You're a black belt you should be able to take it". Yeah, maybe if I was built like Mike Tyson... These techniques we do actually WORK, and if somebody applies them with full speed and power beyond my body's structural ability to take them, I WILL break. My belt ain't gonna save me as I'm afraid it doesn't hold my slender joints together

Thanks for including that first
Be nice if more folk remembered it.
My tuppence worth,

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