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Shannon Frye
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Re: Poll: How important is the notion of "gaining advantage over your partner" in your aikido training?

After reading the above entries, i wonder if I interpreted the question wrong. I voted tht it was nto important at all. I read the question to mean an advntage "in the dojo" over the person you are practicin with. That is to say, "I" can do it better than "he/she" can.

It seems obvious that by the nature of the technique, by offbalancing your opponent, that you'd want to have an advantage over your partenr (or opponent in otehr circumstances). Otherwise, why not just stand there and get hit?

But as far as furthering personal ego, or trying to "get it better than soemone else", while friendly competition between friends can always be very constructive, it doens't matter to me how good/bad someone ELSE is doing, just that I'M doing it better than "I" did the last time I tried it.

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