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Re: Poll: How important is the notion of "gaining advantage over your partner" in your aikido training?

I chose not important.

My style does not have shiai, so the concept of gaining advantage is not important to me. However, each technique (kihon) we learn in normal class already has already a built in "gaining advantage" factor in it already, so the technique per se is already gaining advantage. I do not have to specifically go out of normal kihon to gain advantage... at least not in my normal practice.

The concept of tenkan, irimi, kuzushi, tsukuri, atemi are all part of the "gaining for advantage" IMO. In nutshell, the techniques I learn in kihon has the "gaining of advantage" factor built in already... I only let the technique flow naturally, and I need not go the extra mileage to gain additional advantage... again I reiterate, at least not in my normal practice.


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