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Re: Regrading grabs in Aikido...

Some explanation went with the term - it should be easy enough to understand.

I think there are a few things here...

First, there is the fact that anyone serious about practicing Aikido today - as a living art - should figure out a way of "translating" or "transferring" that art into the present - into the here and now. The concept of energy print (which is not a new one - only the vocabulary is new) is one way of doing that. Seeing Shomenuchi, Yokomenuchi, and Tsuki as merely (literally) cuts and stabs is one way of not doing that in my opinion.

Second, while it is nice every once in a while to have some guy show you how Nikyo is a counter to a weapon or an armed wrist grab, not every cue in the Aikido Kihon Waza curriculum is going to follow this line of thought - so it is clear that even back "when" (you pick the when) such cues were not so literally understood.

Third, Aikido Kihon Waza is hardly a stepping stone to learning how to fight with weapons today - perhaps you meant, "If you ever want to learn how to fight with a sword when someone grabs at your sword and/or at your hand on the sword, Aikido is a good choice." I certainly wouldn't put the general Aikido out there as allowing one to learn how to fight with firearms, knives, sticks, and/or even swords. Additionally, if Aikido is being understood to literally address such things as knife cuts with its Shomenuchi and/or Yokomenuchi, I wouldn't even say it's allowing one to learn how to defend against such weapons.

Fourth, I have the complete opposite experience with learning how not to get stabbed - such that - mine would suggest, "If you want to get stabbed, try to learn how to hold a knife-fighter's wrist like you would in Katate-dori."

Fifth, the idea that fighting is simple is a marketing gimmick in my experience. No expert in the field, not one that I can respect, has ever said anything close to that. You must be hanging out with different experts - which is very possible. Same goes with Aikido - never heard anyone worthy of listening to say, "Aikido is simple," - at least not such that they immediately veer away from things that may not make sense to them at first glance.

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