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Re: Regrading grabs in Aikido...

Energy prints....
I wish you would quit making up your own little words and try to convey your points to people who don't use your own personal vocabulary. It's like I'm talking to Peter Ralston.

Aikido is much simpler then all that. Shomen and yokomen are cuts, Tsuki is a stab, Wrist grabs are wrist grabs, they are meant to hold someone's wrist. The techniques of Aikido are meant to clear your hands when someone is grabbing them, so you can go back useing your weapon (cutting and stabbing). If you want to learn effective means of unarmed self defense Aikido is not an efficient means of doing so, if you want to learn to defend yourself with weapons Aikido is a good choice. People who fight understand fighting is simple, if you want to learn to punch a guy, you practice punching guys, if you want to learn to keep someone from stabbing you you practice holding their wrist, it's not rocket science, it's fighting.

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