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Re: Ukemi's a little ruff

Justin MacEachern wrote:
Hi yall, just wondering if anybody's ukemi has gotten weaker for say, after a while. I know it is a weird question but i think that i have lost my full ukemi abilities for some reason. Although others will say that it is fine. I just am not getting the air i used to. I think it has something to do wih the car accident i had last year at the start of december. I have worked my back into shape since then, but something still isnt right. Do you guys think subconsiencely i am worried about injuring my back again. and if so what should i do.
I will take any advice i can get.
I went through the same thing when I first started training. I stumbled in the middle of a technique and slammed by back hard. It took about six weeks before I could even begin to try foward ukemi, let alone anything riskier. I was afraid of tweaking my back or my knee ( riding accident many years before). My sensei was very very patient and allowed me to come to the senior class to work on my ukemi since it was a small class and there was a large mat.

Within fifteen minutes I was being eyed by the odd man out ( in this group there was one other woman who was about to test for her black belt. And soon found my self practicing with every one else. During a technique my partner just plump let me go and bingo, Ukemi. No hesitation, no worry, no broken bones. Never had a problem after that. Break falling was great fun when we got to it.

Try break falling with someone who is about two feet taller then you

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