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Maai concerns

Hello again

Wanted to ask some stuff about Maai "distance". I Was positive it's been discussed to death, so was pretty surprised when the forum search came up to zero. Read a few of the articles here on aikiweb, but still have questions unanswered - the articles seemed to focus on *what* Maai is rather than how to keep it.

I know there's a certain distance we keep in Aikido (and weapons) from which we strike/grab etc. Here's my question in a very short and blunt way: How do you handle Maai on the street? Meaning to say, a guy doesn't run at you and gives you a clean strike out of the blue. There's allot talking involved, and most of the time, the aggressor stands 2cm away from your face. Very comfy.

Keeping the general "Talk your way out of it" and "Don't be in the situation" aside, I would like to know how you would handle this.

I am no where near the level of training to see an attack coming from that close up. What exactly are my options? I would be lying if I said I never struck first just because I felt uncomfortable when my Maai was broken (way before I even knew what Maai or Aikido even was). Do I begin whatever atemi/technique I need? Do I back away? Do I just stand? Would really appreciate your insight.

Thank you.

p.s Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section.
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