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Here may be a topic a bit sensitive for some. But it has been on my mind.

I was reading a post here, and someone mentioned how many of their senior instructors (presumably the longest and most sincerely training students) were divorced.

My dojo has the same phenomenon. Of our three instructors, one is recently divorced, one was never married, and one is married but has constant conflicts with her husband over time spent training. In addition, many of the shugyo students have complained of similar stress. Many have had to make choices between training and their spouse.

After training for five years, I am getting to the point that the extra training and responsibilities are starting to reach limits. I have mentioned several times to my wife that I wanted to apply for shugyo, and she has been very guarded. In fact, when I did start conversations with my Sensei in this regard, he was one step ahead... he insisted that before anything could happen, I would have to sit down with him and my wife and HE had to be confident that she was on board before accepting me.

Well, unfortunately my Sensei died recently, and that talk never happened. I am still looking for a menkyo Sensei... but what then?

Anyone have anything to share on the pressures of training on marriage?

Ron Gullon
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