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Re: Regrading grabs in Aikido...

Roman Kremianski wrote:

A while ago I showed my Father Ushiro ryokatadori Kotegashi. Afterwards he claimed that nobody would ever bother to grab you in such a way as Ushiro ryokatadori. I thought about it abit and decided to ask here: Just why exactly would grab you from behind by the shoulders or wrists? (e.g Ushiro Tekubitori).

I've seen more realistic grabs such as Kakaedori online, but for some reason my dojo doesn't practise them. (Atleast not during the duration I've spent there)

Let's see Ushiro ryotekatatemochi....

In real life anything is possible, it is better to train for something that has some probablity, than to be completely be taken by surprise should such attack occur.

Another argument I can put forth is that training for such attack is plainly for completeness sake. And also for you to learn how to move your body from such a position.

IMO, such attack may occur when you may have more than one assailant; one grabbing you from behind, while another guy in front gets ready for a shomen tsuki (face punch).

Again, I reiterate, in real life, anything is possible, just train and be prepared.


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