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Re: The Nage/Uke Dynamic - Guidelines

David Valadez wrote:
Well, while I can say that I hold many of the same ideas, with many even being further developed since this was posted, I can also say that I sure was lame in presenting those ideas. I hope today I can better handle the very skeptical nature that this forum often has toward new folks and "new" ideas.
I very much can see a difference in how you post now compared to then.

If anything, I would say that your stated purpose of why you share ideas on these types forums has been actualized and the growth from lessons learned is undeniable!

Coincidentally, have you furthered your thoughts on the following:
Giancarlo DiPierro wrote:
In my opinion, the fact that aikido's approach to form is fundamentally different from that of koryu is closely linked to the fact that aikido employs the triadic model of uke-nage-sensei instruction rather than the traditional dyad of uke-nage in which the uke is also the sensei or a senior acting in that role by proxy.
As you now have seemed to have expanded your dojo somewhat with the adding of children's classes and such; what changes have you had to make to maintain this type of transmission process possible [if you do]? And, has dojo size forced you to make a change from the dyad to the triad model?


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