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Originally posted by PeterR
Ow - too bad my Norwegian sucks. That looked like a real set up. Anybody care to translate.
Okay! Here goes:

*Kicked unconcious *
Raw violence filmed and used as court evidence.


These choking pictures of raw violence made the Oslo city court pass its so far hardest sentence for violence

1) The fight: The two men argued for half an hour before it escalated. The victim wearing the white t-shirt wanted an appology since the defendant had hit him in the back of the head with a shovel.

2) The attack: The to friends of the main defendant approached the scene, the main defendant withdrew slightly and delivered a hard supprising strike to the victim.

3) Fell to the ground: The victim fel to the ground, but got up again

4) Karate-kick: the main defendant threw a punch at a friend of the victim who approached the scene, before he again attacked the victim - this time with a karate kick to the face

5) Inanimate: Both the punch and the kick were directed to the head of the victim and both were very severe the court stated. It appears obvious from the vidorecording that especially the kick was very severe.

After cruel punches and kicks the 29 year old norwegian lay inanimate on the sidewalk of Aker Brygge in Oslo.

Raw violence happens on a weekly basis in Oslo. Often there are dissagreement on the course of the event and on who did what. The unique part of this case is that a video operator in the security compagny responsible for security on the Aker Brygge caught the whole thing on video.

The film shows every detail of the argument, the mutulation and who did what.

The police of Oslo is happy that the court has placed so much weight on the video as evidence.

The four assailiants (one home help age 22, two caretakers working in grade school aged 23 and 21, and one student aged 21) asked the city court judge to "overlook some of the details from the film", since the videorecording make this case unique.

The court did not agree, since evidence is allways unique in each case. The defendant will have to take the load of the fact that this event has been filmed on video. So it is expressed in the verdict. The main defendant (the home help) received a sentence of 14 months in prison.

*The argument*
The opening of this heavy violence was a usual argument in the nightlife.

Late at night sunday the 29. juli this year just after 04, a couple of men of somalian origin argue with a girl on Aker Brygge. Four norwegian boys appear - among these the 29-year old victim. Two of them contacts the girl to ask whether she needs any help. A litlle scuffle among the men takes place, but the girls refuses help. The norwegian men leaves the place, but the victim receives a strike with a shovel in the back of the head.
It wasn't a hard blow, but the 29-year old demands an apology. A long argument takes place.

Wile arguing the home helpers friends appears after having been away for a while.

After this everything is on the video tape, which is explained in detail in court.

It is frightening for the court to see how this devlops into such brutality the judge announces and sentence the four assaliants to respectively 14, 6 and 3 months of prison.
They have also been sentenced to pay the victim a sum of alltogether 60.000 kr. (app. 7000 dollars) in satisfaction for unfair treatment and 8000 kr. in compensation.

Three of the four assailants appealed their sentences emmidiately. The main defendant had been in custody until the passing of the sentence and demanded to be released. However the court ordered the custody prolonged with another four weeks.

Sorry for bad spelling - my wife has allready called me once to ask me to hurry home for the weekend.

See you all.

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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