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Edwin Neal
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Re: The Nage/Uke Dynamic - Guidelines

Nonsense David! you did a very good job at presenting your ideas... although you and i share the tendency to 'wordiness' and intellectualization... i found it reprehensible that the best some people could muster was calling you insulting, condescending and arrogant, instead of discussing the particulars of your posts... i agree with your assessment of these misreaders... one's style of writing should not be used to justify personal attacks... i have met the same accusations on this forum, and find it a symptom of some of the cult-like aspects you discuss about aikido in general... i do like your guidelines and i do somewhat agree that a bit of paring down will go a long way in making this document more useful to all students of all ranks... i enjoy your ideas and firmly believe, as i feel you do, that this forum should be about ideas, not associations, representatives, and ranks... good luck and please keep posting for those of us that enjoy a deep and meaningful discussion...

Edwin Neal

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