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Re: Shikko, toes, ouch!

Gerard Miller wrote:
You could be arthritic.
I am. I have a nice big bump on top, right behind the big toe joint. On an x-ray it looks like a wave curling over. Bone spur, no cartlidge left in the toe joints. Hurts like crazy. The rest of my toes are fine though, so you may have something different going on.

Basically a foot doctor said "I'll cut that open and knock the spur off with a chisel", all smiling and happy. "You'll be out for 2 months: can you just stop doing martial arts? That would help..."

Meanwhile I'm thinking: "I'm going to choke him out."

Anyway, I've had to figure out a way to do suwari waza without being up on my toes. Right now my left foot is OK, but if I kept on going the way I was (live toe only on the left foot) then I'd end up with 2 bad feet, hobling around like a dufus. Sucks.

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