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Re: there is no room for a pass into shodan

Justin MacEachern wrote:
I just wanted your guys opinions, so here is my question;
I you were a 1st kyu and had gone for a black belt test but failed, (because of an injury you were forced to quit even though you passed the physical) then later the next year hurt your self Before your retesting, should the instructor be able to give that a person a bi
just becase we all know he can do technique.
Hi Justin I understand your feeling. IMHO have patience, do not force yourself to do just what like you are doing before while your mental and your physical faculties doesn't fuse to collaborate. Time will come for your back and your confidence to fully recover. We only have one body that we should take care of while we are alive. What profit will you gain if you compel to do like the way you did before if your own body will suffer. There are many things you can possibly master while you can't yet normally do your ukemi perfectly, you can practice well your nagemi or meditation skill. For now just do what you think you can only do with caution, to be cautious to yourself doesn't mean to be thwarted to reach your goal. Matured thinker thinks everything is temporary the only permanent is change.

But If you think your back is backed into shape, you can try what you did before, gradually. It is normal to be worried sometimes especially if your weakness is involved, but I don't think it is helpful more than a self annihilation. So instead, just relax, do something you can only do. It is normally emphasized in aikido that one has to be always relaxed in mind and body as like as you normally breath.

Rank or belt . ( also in relation to your previous thread re there is no room) is just something furbishing our identity and can never be as surpassing as our body. So for now just be patient, see and observe yourself.

Good luck

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