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Re: Music in the Dojo?

Nick Simpson wrote:
'Off topic, what I have always believed in and could never get a sensei to do, was to conduct training once in a while with everyone wearing their everyday, street atire. We are so used to training aikido in our element, e.g., in our hakama, keikogi, mats, etc., I feel it would be beneficial to see how the mechanics of aikido will work in a real environment so if a situation should arise, one is more aware of how things will be outside the dojo.'

Great idea, I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, I also want to play the tanto - marker pen game and the find the best weapon you can in your house game

Seriously, some aikido techniques are optimal in a dojo environment and not in a "real" environment. Some examples would be that you cannot slide your foot into "ai hanmi" stance on concrete wearing shoes with rubber grips so, your foot has to slightly come up a little more than in the dojo comprimising stability (only minutely). You are also not going to be doing much of suwari waza on concrete either if you can help it.

There are other ideas that come to mind and I think it is good to see some of the limitations that a "real" environment provides and how one might overcome/adapt to the environment. Just a thought.
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