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Re: cross training

Roy Klein wrote:
But if training in a slightly different aikido is confusing, wouldn't training in something completely different be even more so, atleast for a beginner?
Not necessarily. When I first did Aikido, I had been doing karate for about a year and a half; I didn't experience any "confusion," ie drop back with a downward block when I should have tenkaned. If anything, a pivot we did with the inward black HELPED my tenkan, so much so that when he introduced it to the class I was in, Sensei spent about 20 seconds staring at my feet, repeating, "I can't believe you're not having any trouble with it."

I don't think it would be a major problem -- more a minor annoyance. If you want to do something in addition to Aikdo, DO IT! The only obstacles are time, money, and static from one or more of your instructors. If you have the time, you can afford it, and none of your teachers is going to throw you out for doing something different, then go for it!
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