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Re: Poll: For the basic version of tenchinage, what kind of fall do you think is more appropriate?

For those who thinks that mae ukemi (front roll/flip is possible; I just want to point out about one teensy-weensy detail.... The poll states clearly basic version of tenchi-nage. In my book, basic means kihon.

OK, having said that, for the sake of argument, you are doing ryote katate mochi tenchi nage ni, assuming uke comes in very strongly and with much commitment. As shite you tenkan and spun uke around so much that you essentially have uke facing the same direction as you are.

Then shite proceed to project uke forward. Uke does a forward roll or flip. If that is the technique shite is doing, then in my book, shite is not doing tenchi-nage. I would classify that as a form of kokyu nage.

IMO, I would consider that as a poorly executed jiyu waza technique. Such projection need too much cooperation to work. It is simply as a technique to help uke learn how to ukemi. To consider it as a technique proper, NAY. I prefer the SLAM UKE ONTO MAT (TM) version.

To SiWilson,
I also agree on the side flip.... It has happened on numerous occasion in my practice before. Nasty little bugger those side flip.

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