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Re: Music in the Dojo?

I would like to announce that I am a virtuoso on the guitar. By the beard of Zeus I love music as much or more than most people but still I would not have it in my dojo, nor would I train in a dojo that had it. For me it is spiritual reasons. However, I am not saying that it is wrong. I think it is fine if others want to do it. I just prefer not.

I think since people are more diverse and people are divided in their opinions, it is best not to have it to eliminate the issue of whether someone is comfortabe or uncomfortable.

Off topic, what I have always believed in and could never get a sensei to do, was to conduct training once in a while with everyone wearing their everyday, street atire. We are so used to training aikido in our element, e.g., in our hakama, keikogi, mats, etc., I feel it would be beneficial to see how the mechanics of aikido will work in a real environment so if a situation should arise, one is more aware of how things will be outside the dojo. Do I make sense? hope so, hehehehe
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