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Justin Gaar
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Re: there is no room for a pass into shodan

IMHO, i believe that mitigating circumstances should be taken into account when dealing with dan test. It's a matter of taking the feelings of the student into account. To be worthy of testing for dan rank, one must put alot of effort and dedication into his/her training for a very long time. I think it's cruel to be denied what you've worked for so long to achieve (really it's not about the belt, but then again it doesn't hurt to have a sense of accomplishment) simply because of an injury or a misunderstand of the material. None of us are perfect and even my sensei doesn't have a problem speaking of his own flaws before and after becoming yudansha. If one is injured one should be given another chance. It's as simple as that. If one does not understand the technique due to disorders like Non-verbal Learning Disorder (NLD) Which make it difficult to comprehend the material in verbal form then that should be accounted for. The sensei should be made aware of these disabilities from the beginning however.

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