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Re: Poll: For the basic version of tenchinage, what kind of fall do you think is more appropriate?

Nathan Snow wrote:
Has anyone given thought to the technique not only being done irimi style, but also with a tenkan turn? With a forcefull, pushing uke, you can perform tenchinage while you tenkan. This will almost always result in uke taking a front roll or break fall.

You stole my thunder!

My first line was going to be Tenchi Nage Ichi OR Ni?

In Yoshinkan the Ichi technique in Kihon Waza (Basic Techniques) - Ryote Mochi Tenchi Nage Ichi, is how Boon described, and done slowly, yes, Koho Ukemi (backward sit down style breakfall) is the result. However done by a high level instructor, such as the fantastic Garry Masters Sensei, you don't do your Ukemi, it just happens! Guess what, it is usually neither back or forwards, but a side flip!!!!!

As for Sumi Otoshi, mentioned above - Joe Thambu Sensei did Sumi Otoshi on me as I stood in Kamae in the Shudokan Hombu in Seremban, Malaysia, without warning (It was on the most intense course I have ever done), and I side flipped!

What I am trying to say is, there is no one answer. If I did it (Ichi), I guess my Uke would do Koho Ukemi (back drop). Masters Sensei's Uke would probably do Zempo Ukemi!

Ni however - Uke pushes, Sh'te Tenkans and performs Tenchi Nage - Ukemi takes Zempo Ukemi - forward roll!

My answer to the poll is - I did not tick a box as the answer is not there - it depends on Sh'te (Tori/Nage) and Uke! Sh'te will (should) apply the technique to Uke's ability and Uke will fall as the technique makes or lets them.

Peter and Peter - sounds like you guys have an excellent training session coming up! I am officially jealous!

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