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Trish Greene
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Re: Music in the Dojo?

First of all, as a musician and an Aikidoka, I have to say that the integration of the two during practice would be very ideal for me. Music is a part of the life that surrounds you. Let me say that again MUSIC IS ALL AROUND YOU in some form or another, it has an energy and presence of its own that can very well align with ki.
I understand that it is a martial art that we are studying, with all the agression that pertains to it. But we are also studying the way of harmony, a harmony that flows and blends around our agressor, much like water around a rock.

Sorry if I am getting too ephemeral with this analogy, but they are both subjects which are dear to me.

No, we don't have music in our dojo during practice because we are all intent on listening to soft spoken Miller Sensei when he instructs. But we have it playing while we warm up. (From Japanese flute and drum to "Kung Fu Fighting" and P. Diddy depending on sensei's mood!)
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