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Re: Poll: For the basic version of tenchinage, what kind of fall do you think is more

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
Hello Peter,

Understood (and sumi-otoshi was a waza I also thought of), but the main issue of this poll, as I understand it, is the ukemi required, not how basic tenchi-nage is performed.

Of course, if the issue is really how basic tenchi-nage is (should be) performed, then I have an opinion. However, given that we all know how basic (understood as kihon in Japanese, with all the implications) tenchi-nage should be performed, I think that an 'ushiro' mae ukemi is possible.

Perhaps we should research this topic further with Bryan Bateman when I come in April.

If uke can take 'ushiro' mae ukemi that means tori opened his technique to let him do it. That is all right at very basic level, when one learns how to receive technique.
But regular receiving of tenchi nage is completly diffeent. This situation happens because tori physically blocks uke's hips so uke can't do ushiro ukemi nor ushiro mae ukemi. Only thing he can do is high flying breakfall "around" tori's hip.
If tori don't block uke's hips, uke can escape or can counter very easy.


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