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Re: Poll: For the basic version of tenchinage, what kind of fall do you think is more appropriate?

Reading Boon's post and Peter Rehse's post leads me to wonder whether Yoshinkan or Shodokan teach the 'backward' mae-ukemi. I learned it from Minoru Kanetsuka Sensei, who has a Yoshinkan background, before I came to Japan.

For Iwama people, the ukemi I have in mind used to be done brilliantly by Bruce Klickstein and I think it is still done brilliantly by Pat Hendricks. In one of Saito Sensei's last appearances at the All-Japan demonstration in May, Pat was Saito Sensei's uchi-tachi and did precisely the ukemi I am thinking of, while holding a bokken with both hands. (NB. As with the 'clothesline' ukemi, the secret is in the feet!).

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