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Re: Is it proper?

Thanks a lot Raul that would be a great insight in budo training. I will definitely see you again and with your fellow comrades, soon.

For now IMH understanding, running away couldn't be the best solution of resolving any problem. Because I understand problem will remain a problem whether one gets out of it or not unless it is not clearly resolved otherwise. Likewise I must also agree with some people here trying to suggest that to free myself from the current situation is the best solution of resolving it , it is just a matter of my own decision and choice. Now since the real concern here is not about resolving the problem (and besides because I have no power to alter anything outside of me like changing ones attitude, instead the only power I possess is altering myself towards anything which in this case is somewhat difficult to accept). but where to put myself from the state of uncertainty and its consequences. Now I'm beginning to realize that they are right with their suggestion. That though I am in a labyrinthine path out of "many paths up towards the same mountain" as Raul stated , the only thing I need to do is to decide and to choose on which path do I have to take in to account to, and now it is more clearer to me that the problem is not actually the labyrinthine path but my very own self who have all the freedom to decide and to choose whatever I want to do with my aikido way of experiences.

With this I just want to take this moment to say thank you very much to all those who contributed to this thread for everyone has in each own positive inputs on a different stages of positivity, though it is not that long enough to compare to some thread out there but I'm deeply touched with the words all of you outlined here. The subject matter may somewhat be significantly important worthy to be contemplated by students , teachers or soon to be teachers who are involved in this art, I myself too has learned a lot from this short conversation and this one could lead me to pattern my journey on the last part of my aikido training.

Domo arigatou gozaimashita to all

Have a nice day!

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