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ok I relize that there is more than one way to teach this great excersize so.. here is how my sensi described it ( i am quite good at it i have had line backers try to bend my arm with all their strength and i cant bench 120 pounds yet ( or spell for that matter.)

first raise your arme infront of you but keep it a little bent so it is like a VERY WIDE v or just as you would hold a bottle of beer in front of you ( i perfer tea!) then consitrate outward dont think here think out but be sure to consentrate ( i am getting to the point where i dont have to consentrate so much) and RELAX dont tighenen up but still focus outward and imagin that you are reaching for something out or engergy is flowing from arm out to your focused point and its not going to be distrubted.

hope this isnt to complex

Dallas Adolphsen
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