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Re: Credentials

Maybe I'm just in the minority, but if I'm walking down the street, and pass a storefront where there is Aikido going on, I'm going to stop and watch. And if it's GOOD Aikido, I'm going to make like a sponge and absorb what I can. Maybe later, I'll check out the instructor, as I would be curious from whom he learned this good Aikido. But the point is that I would give the man credit at face value for his competence, regardless of whose flag he was flying (even if it was his own). If I can learn something useful from a guy who calls himself 13th dan Super Soke Almighty, then it doesn't matter to me if he wants to be called "Your Highness". I'll take his knowledge, and leave him wrapped in his own grandeur. My desire to learn outweighs most other considerations.

The other side of the coin: If I'm looking at sloppy, uninspired, just plain BAD Aikido, I'll bounce, because at that point, I don't much care if I'm watching Shioda Sensei's adopted nephew. Credentials are often only skin deep, but bad Aikido goes clear to the bone. Just one guy's humble opinion...
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