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Re: Is it proper?

Leon, we've trained together a few times, and I know the instructor you are referring to. Strictness is a good thing in an instructor. On the other hand, there is such a thing as being too negative. I've had classes with one or two sempai who would make so many corrections that, being a white belt at the time, I couldn't absorb it all. The best teachers i've had (Macapawa, Asperin, Kumagai, etc) focused only a few simple things at a time and didn't try to make my waza perfect all at once.

Now that I am a yudansha and have had to teach a few classes myself, it becomes even clearer to me that I have to keep things simple for my kohai (even at the risk of oversimplifying). They have to have a simple goal to grasp (e.g., to make sure to get into proper irimi position, or to keep one shoulders relaxed, or in shihonage never let one's hands pass behind your head). If they have to keep track of too many things, the danger is their waza will become in fact staccato and jerky and over-analyzed. And their keiko will be devoid of joy.

There are many paths up the same mountain. For a sensei to insist that his is the only right path would be a disservice to aikido. For you, the question is whether you can keep on learning and improving your waza in such an environment. If so, well and good.

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