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Re: Is it proper?

Ian Dodkins wrote:
P.S. what benefitted my instruction enormously was help from the lower ranks who were more in touch with the difficulties of learning the basics of a particular technique. I encouraged certain students to be the 'intermediary' as I didn't understand their problems well. Also, I tend to direct the class towards the middle grade (otherwise you are always directing at the lower grades!) and these assistants help with the basics for the beginners.

With all my heart I completely agree, the way you handle your student on different stages and your "phrase" that "understanding aikido is understanding the training method" and I am sure your students are very lucky for they have you and I salute you. But my apologies for I cannot utterly acquiesce something I haven't experienced yet. My bewilderment to the simplicity of aikido is maybe because I haven't experienced it from the teacher I haplessly encounter who are making aikido complicated instead of simplifying it, and thus maybe my 5 years experience in aikido is too young enough to understand everything about it.

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