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Re: Music in the Dojo?

Michael O'Brien wrote:
Couldn't the opposite be said as well? If you only get used to training in a quiet, serene, peaceful dojo environment then in the mall, a parking lot, a bar, etc the student will have to go "WAIT! Everyone step back and give me room, and be very quiet so I can focus on seeing the attack coming?"

Proper training instills good instintive techniques in the mind and body, period. If music helps achieve that goal then it becomes a useful training tool.

I knew this would come up and you are right but, I feel there are plenty distractions in a dojo to overcome without the use of music. Besides, as sensei, I don't want to give directives while competing vocally with a stereo. During group practice, there is enough thumping of the mats and people making ki noises.

Next thing you know, people will come in and see aikidoka doing movements that look like ballet to them with the accompanyment of music and get the vibe it must be a new age billy blanks aerobic, tai chi kind of place.
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