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Chris Bateman wrote:
A guy with a Dan grading in Shin Shin Toitsu (Ki Society) Aikido is teaching in your town, but since his grading is not Aikikai, is it less than genuine? You will say "No, It's OK, because Ki Society is a recognized system." Recognized by whom? YOU... that's who. You have made a subjective decision based on your own value system. Ultimately, that's what EVERYBODY has to do. It's just that some (many, actually) prefer to look at a guy's Aikido, rather than his diploma. But the decision is, and MUST be, left up to the student.
Right...but the decision was made after seeing his Ki Society certificate, after doing research and seeing that people think highly of the Ki Society and their art (and the way they teach it), and after having some information with which to make my decision (e.g., where else can I learn and they recognize my previous training, etc.).

A teacher with no 'certificate' who says 'aikido is aikido,' and who is not forthcoming on where and with whom he learned aikido is not a person I want teaching me Aikido. However, a popular school in my area that has students that like the instructor may be of interest to me, and the certificate could help me decide if I, the emphasis on the I (that you may not see as well because it is capitalized...), if I am interested or may move to an area with an Aikikai and not a Ki Society (or other organization that may not recognize my training...

As has been pointed out, perhpas not so well...

Edwin Neal wrote:
just watch the performance, and just look at the credentials, means nothing to someone who has no reference point or knowledge...
The certificate does not MEAN the teacher knows aikido, can teach aikido, or anything else, but it lets prospective students (namely me) see some history, affiliation, and opinions. Might you see how this information may be useful to someone (if not you)?

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