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Absent Patellae

I've just had someone contact me with a view to their son practicing Aikido. He has absent patellae. but has been given the OK by his doctor to partake in physical activity. He can apparently ride a bike, but frequently has stability issues which cause him to fall. I've not had any experience with students suffering this problem, so have no benchmarks to work with. I'm not a doctor, so have no medical expertise to compare with either.

I can see how some parts of practice could possibly help strengthen muscles and ligaments, and could possibly help with balance and stability. I can see how ukemi can help with the falling, but I wonder about the effect of turning and pivoting will have on his knees, not to mention the possibility of suwari waza (I'm not making the assumption that I would get him to do suwari waza...)?

Has anyone else had any experience training with anyone suffering this?



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