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Re: Is it proper?

As I said before, if the students are moving to other class, it means the teacher lacks something important. Some people dare to join harsh army special forces and overcome the hard training. It's simply because they think there are something to learn.

If the teacher has undeniable 'something' about aikido, why are your dojo mates moving to other class? Maybe they just lack 'GONZO'. Then, take it or leave it. But though you have 'Gonzo', if you can't accept the way of the teacher, you're right. You should move to other dojo.

By the way, what really important is 'Skill'. Does he have it? If the teacher really suck at teaching but you can still learn from him if he has 'Skill'. However, if 'no skill and teaching sucks', don't waste your time. Otherwise... stay.

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