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Re: Credentials

Lynn Seiser wrote:
IMHO, credential do matter to a degree. They speak to the honor and integrity of the instructor, not the quality of the instruction. If people say up front they have no credentials, then fine. But to say they have it and don't, or bought it, makes me question.

I like knowing the lineage of my instructors. Honor and ethics matter to me. And yes, that has made me the bad guy.

IMHO, usually its the people without credentials that complain that credentials, or where they got them, doesn't matter.
Good points Lynn. The other argument sometimes heard is that they did not consider rank important-usually it's not except that they often advance themselves so then it must be. There are a lot of excuses but the bottom line is to progress in an art such as aikido it is generally necessary to be under the direction of a higher ranked individual-especially through the first 4 dan ranks and maybe higher. Just my opinion.

One of my friends posed a good question: Would you want to go to a doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist, etc. with bogus or no credentials? I think that's a good point. Instructors are hopefully professionals as well and as such they should be able to provide credentials or as Lynn suggests at least be upfront about it. Fake ones are easy to come by with the soke dokey organizations. Real ones can be verified.
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