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Re: Music in the Dojo?

You know, oddly, liking the music is nearly irrelevant. The music I find best for training with is often music that irritates me to listen to outside the dojo. Context matters, I guess.

Music that I truly like to listen to can be a huge problem to have playing in the dojo. I'm pretty much the definitive Led Zeppelin fan. I can still watch The Song Remains the Same and enjoy every minute of it. But if The Mighty Zep is playing during an Aikido class it's just distracting. I listen to the music instead of training.

Hmm....maybe I need to train to Zep in order to work on discipline...

I find trance music, a form that until recently I had largely ignored, to be the best to train to. I like the music in any case (which came as a surprise to me), but it isn't my favorite thing to listen to. There are other forms that also work well that I just can't listen to outside of a training context, e.g., certain types of jazz.

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