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You all have valid points. My point is somewhat different in that I want a place where 'newbs' can go to get information? I think more sources of information are better than no sources.

If someone is brand-spanking new to martial arts and is considering AIkido, would not a directory be useful. I don't care if there is a directory for each 'organization' or for all aikidokists (is that the correct term?). Either way, I have direction for more research.

Some towns have no aikido schools. Some have 1. Wilmington, NC, has 3 schools that 'teach' aikido. Two have told me there are no 'schools' or differences in AIkido, there is just 'aikido.'

Isn't that like saying there are no differences in jujitsu or in TKD--don't each school / organization have different techniques for each kyu/dan? Or differences on philosophy? If not, then the organizations are not efficient.. I want something to show me who taught them and what organization, if any, to which they belong. The highest ranking sensi in my area is 4th dan. I would, however, like to see the list begin at 1 dan for those areas that have 1 school led by a person who is not 4th dan.

Does any of this mean anything about their actual skill and ability? No, but the 'paper' does give me and others the ability to make a decision based on information.

With this information, I can then research that organization and its students to find out more data. However, with NO information, how does a real new initiate into the martial arts have any idea whether the 'art' shown in class is actually an art or just some 'fancy moves'?

Once we are no longer a 'grasshopper,' we can make decisions based on our knowledge of Aikido.


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