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Re: Is it proper?

P.S. what benefitted my instruction enormously was help from the lower ranks who were more in touch with the difficulties of learning the basics of a particular technique. I encouraged certain students to be the 'intermediary' as I didn't understand their problems well. Also, I tend to direct the class towards the middle grade (otherwise you are always directing at the lower grades!) and these assistants help with the basics for the beginners.

From the sounds of it you feel dissapointed in what you are getting from your club. I don't agree with the 'take it or leave it' approach - my teaching only improved because of the patience and feedback of my students.

I would suggest that within the club you find a 'mentor' or find some way to broach this subject (as an instructor I would be happy to hear comments that would improve the teaching) - if not, find a club in which you feel the teaching would be better. Some instructors ego's swell to enormous proprotions because they are the best aikidoka they see most of the time. However the task of an instructor is to TEACH aikido, not to be a superstar at aikido.

I have found different clubs can suit you at different stages of aikido development. Don't feel bad if you feel you have to leave. Do what's best for your progression; if he is technically very good, you may find you want to come back in 5-10 years when you can appreciate it more. Good luck.

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