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Re: Music in the Dojo?

Hi all,

well my curiosity has certainly been satisfied, thanks

as usual, you all confirm that the world of Aikido is a dynamic one, and that experimentation is as important as practicing passed down forms.

Personally I am of the opinion that what works, works. Some may not like the fact that other ways of doing things, may be as effective ( maybe even more so? ), but that is not uncommon in any sphere of practice.

In my work, the use of music is very effective at 'state changing' - getting energy levels up, calming them down etc, the right sort of music at the right level can also be usefull when people work collectively on some task. I remove the music when any instruction is being given though, as I dont want to be competing for attention.
Certain Classical music e.g. Bach has been proven to increase brain capacity for understanding maths. I know that in educational circles, particularly primary levels, they are using music to great effect.

Cheers, and let the debate continue....

p.s. as I type this I am still listening to Miles Davis

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