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Re: Is it proper?

I must agree that every sensei have their own way of teaching but I am doubtful if every way of senseis teaching is right or proper teaching and aside from that he is the head sensei in our club and that is the reason no one dared to question his way of teaching.

Being one of the most active student in the class I hear all the feedbacks from my fellow aikidokas from Junior to Senior student of the class but they have all the same sentiment, "the style of teaching". And being one of his closes student he once asked me about losing students and I simply said his teaching method is focusing too much on the quality and its difficult for the student to absorb specially the beginners , and he retorted and said "let them be if they don't like my style ".

As I understand his values are more on expressing or rather insisting his style and the students have two choices either "to take it or to leave it" rather than the concern to the desideratum of the students.

So… what the majority is doing now is leave his class and go to another class meaning to a different sensei but the same club and dojo. I am still practicing with him, there are times just the two of us, of course respect is always there as a friend and as an apprentice.

Anyway thank you for all the inputs , everyone has a great and considerable point. .

Thank you very much.


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