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Re: Is it proper?

Yes Jaemin, my teacher is non of the names you mentioned but they are contemporaries. I just would like to comment on this.

Jaemin Yu wrote:
First of all, you must know that some teachers extremely stick to only one style, one method, one ..... They didn't allow any personal style. And they think it's their duty to make the students like them. I even heard that some teachers correct the posture of fingers inch by inch. Aikido is 'The ONE and ONLY Way of Harmony' to them. Well.. it might be common in Japanese martial arts.
Well, if that is the way it is, doesn't this kind of thought normally causes the division or separation to any domain of relationship? Is that really common to a true nature of aikido or simply just common to some practitioners?

Butů. anyway thanks for the input jaimen . It is a very pleasant reply.

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