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I was assumed you were kidding and shouldn't have made that comment. My apologies.

I have tried to research instructors in my area (three schools), but I have been unable to find any information on any of the instructors. Two instructors basically said, "Aikido is aikido, there are no schools (just aikido)."

I can only imagine the frustration at someone realizing they had wasted two years of 'training' (especially if what they learned was 'not' aikido or useful for what they wanted).

Although the paper is "only as good as the paper it is printed on," it may give some information on the instructor, his teacher, his 'lineage,' and whether any techniques were actually 'learned.' These three bits of information may allow us, as students, to better judge the instructor and what they have to offer.

Their ability to teach what they have learned is another matter entirely....
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