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Re: Is it proper?

Hello Leon,
I have read the previous posts with interest and what everybody has mentioned has at one time or another rung true in my limited 10 years or so of aikido training. I have been fortunate to experience teaching from a variety of different senseis including the type of training environment which you are now faced with. Initially I was uncomfortable with the tough training environment where "ne'er a kind word " did I receive etc. I stuck with it and I did consider moving to another dojo. After analyzing the situation, I decided to absorb as much as I could from the "tough" sensei and "sucked it up" so to speak.

Overtime I stuck with the dojo and I discovered several things:
1) I developed a better sensei-deshi relationship after spending time and taking ukemi.
2) I decided that I wanted to take my standard of aikido to the highest possible level, comparable to the best dojos in Japan, US and in Europe.
3) I felt that my current dojo is the right one to take me in that direction.
4) My ability to learn was in large part up to me.
5) In comparison to other senseis I had experienced later on, it turned that our sensei(s) were really not as strict and they were really quite reasonable.
6) I didn't always agree with decisions but I accept that the sensei's word on how and what they teach in the dojo is the final one and should not be undermined.

At the end of the day... you want to continue to improve your quality of aikido so if you feel that you want to learn what your sensei has to teach then I suggest that you leave your ego outside the dojo and simply absorb what he has to tell you. From what you're saying, your sensei is conscientious about teaching. Let him teach you without you being too sensitive to his communication style. Be more open and receptive to his style. You might get something from being more openminded. Its up to you.

Good luck with whatever training direction you choose.

Best wishes,

Peter Kang
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