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Re: Credentials

I agree-on the mat it is important and people with extensive credentials may or may not be quality instructors. However, is it not a credibility issue for people to make claims about things that are in fact inaccurate or down right fabrications? One guy claimed a 7th dan-he awarded it to himself and he could not even produce one shred of evidence he held any legitimate aikido rank. My concern is that aikido, see my fraud thread, may end up with so much of this that it will go the way of some of the arts where the only place rank means anything is in the dojo itself. IMHO if you claim a rank, you should be able to verify it and the organization through which it was awarded. Lost in a fire, washed away in a flood, ate by the dog, thrown away by a naive spouse, etc. etc. are about as good as excuses as they were for homework not getting done in school. They hold about as much water as a sieve. If it was legitimately awarded, it can be replaced and verified.

As to the quality of the class issue, I agree that is important. However, one person, the 7th dan, was actually talented enough and had some aikijitsu or jiu jitsu experience that he could pull it off for a while until someone showed up with enough credentials to see through the BS. This is still deceptive and why would anyone want to train with someone with such an ego or little regard for the truth. Kind of like the soke dokey discussions we had on the fraud thread. The unsuspecting public gets snookered.

If your credentials are not verifiable, then you should be able to explain why. With modern computers, anyone can make up their own certificates. The "7th" dan used a student who had a Japanese last name to make his credentials sound impressive in the bylaws.

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