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Re: Music in the Dojo?

Michael DiFronzo wrote:
I hear these things and my mind is blown. Music in a Aikido dojo. Unbelievable.
Cultural. The Jpn can be pretty uptight folk. Sclerotic about precedent and tradition and the like. Why limit ourselves to their neuroses? Surely we can find a few of our own?
People, I know Aikido is pretty when performed well, and has an artistic look to it. But please lets not forget this is a martial art first and foremost. It can be other things also, which it is, and people practice for different reasons, but don't ever loose sight that first and foremost it must be approached as the martial art that it is.
DiFronzo...Di is short for didactic?
A martial art to defend oneself against attack. Don't get me wrong, I know it encompasses much more than that and has a deep spiritual background, but don't ever forget Osensei was a martial artist, the best of his time, and not just because he was religious, his martial technique was incomparable. My sensei Kanai Shihan would be very offended by this notion. He viewed the dojo as an extremely serious place. A place for serious martial training and respect.
Not sure I see the necessary contradiction between music and efficacy/gravity. Tomiki asserted that ballroom dancing would help technical progress.
I also don't feel like I am jumping out on a limb here by assuming that the uchi deshi of Osensei would not approve of music in an Aikido dojo. I know it looks like dancing, but practiced correctly it is a vigorous martial art.
Takeda didn't like where Osensei to his DR. That didn't stop Osensei. Why should we be anymore limited by our teachers? Tradition in Jpn didn't mean rigormortis. It was taken for granted that MA-ists would adapt what their teachers gave them.

(Btw, non-sequitur, I suppose, but I've never played music in any of my classes. Don't a priori have anything against the idea, though. Kinda like it actually, in a devil's advocate kind of way...)

Don J. Modesto
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